Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sloane Crosley's Fashion Diary

For some to admire and some to pick apart....My fave twenty something writer was profiled in the New York Times Style Section today. In the article, Crosley mention's she's quit her job in the publicity department of Vintage Books to begin working on her novel. Writers always talk about the act of producing a manuscript as an inherently solitary pursuit, but Crosley finds a good balance, filling her week with breakfasts with fellow authors, lunches with literary agents, and drinks with close friends and family. Read on to find out how she effortlessly breezes through time management  right here

A Temperley gown, stacked Louboutin heels and an Alexis Bittar tiara. Just kidding. The beginning of the day brought a hotel robe and a pair of Totes Toasties socks, circa 1990. There’s a hole in the toe from the time my former roommate’s psychotic albino ferret decided to attack my feet. Then to Joseph Leonard for a late lunch, followed by two firsts for the new year: a trip to Bryant Park to go ice skating for the first time ever, followed by the turning on of the oven in my apartment. For the former, I swapped Costume National heels for blue plastic rental skates and wore American Apparel tights, a Blumarine T-shirt, a cardigan from Anthropologie, a Paul Smith knit hat, United Bamboo gloves and a general expression of terror.

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