Monday, January 3, 2011

Music Video Monday's a thing! Here's what happens when the interview editor of The Believer and Brooklynite Ben Bromley start a band.

"Red is the pull of past, green is the present, blue, the push towards future. "Black and white characters represent the catabolic and anabolic forces underlying the action," Bromley explained. "We set this little system of people in motion and ran the camera through it as observer-participant to see if a new, higher-ordered equilibrium would emerge among us." Did you spot an emergence?"-as told to IFC by Ben Bromley

Disco Balls, David Byrne knock offs, and gratuitous terrifying carnival masks aside,
does the dinner party montage remind you of anything? It's pretty reminiscent of a home video Artie and Billy made. Don't you think?

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