Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sloane Crosley on Not Being Truman Capote & Her Ritalin Intake

Disclaimer: This post is titled with the fondest of intentions.

Reading Sloane Crosley is sort of like going out to drinks with your best girl friend, provided that your bf is also whip smart, occasionally writes for the New York Times, and serves a literary agent for authors like Jonathan Frye in her work day hrs.

Sloane (whatever, we're on a first name basis) writes funny, laugh out loud, tell it like it is essays about being a young woman in New York. If you haven't picked up her books I Was Told There'd Be Cake and How Did You Get This Number?, you absolutely must! The stories all ring so true. Here she is on one of my favorite YouTube watches Drinks with Writers.


  1. er. no comment, Ellis. Let's agree to disagree on this one? I read I Was Told There Would Be Cake and could not get over Sloane's cute girl flirtatious act. Remember the essay about her humiliation over her "eccentric" name? I mean as two women with genuinely eccentric names, I thought we could at least agree: "Sloane" is the Kelley of the 2000s, i.e. the most generic hot girl name there is today (see Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Entourage). I like my chick lit with a bit of honest insecurity, like in A Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing and Bridget Jones' Diary.

  2. Say what you will. But I think that her essay's are inspired. Although I did roll my eyes at the "sloane" issue. I mean get back to me when your name is unfortunately tied to the founder of eugenics...a la soeur number 1.