Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve, Ya Psycho

One of Artie and my favorite Brooklyn restaurants, Vinegar Hill House in Dumbo, is having a Bret Easton Ellis themed New Year's Eve party this Friday. Here's what they're throwing down:

"This year Vinegar Hill House will be bringing in 2011 American Style. American Psycho that is. So get your axes, your plastic rain slickers, and your bone white business cards and come join us for an 8-'s themed menu and midnight champagne toast in the theme of Bret Easton Ellis's 1991 psychological thriller. $80 for a special prix fixe menu and champagne toast to ring in the New Year with awesome costumes, 80's jams, and killer food."

A quick perusal of the menu shows their making Chinese Style Duck, Butter Poached Langoustines, Elk Chop and Rasberry Jelly Rolls, among other OTT delicacies.

To reserve:, 718 522 1018."

I'm no American Psycho expert myself -although Artie and I are always amazed by the sheer mass of boys our age who identify with Patrick Bateman. So rather than analyze it, I thought forwarding this gchat convo with CHX ( a fan) would be apt.

Charles: that american psycho shit is insane
me: i know!
isnt that so funny
i wonder what on earth made them pick it?
Charles: the forgot the vanilla milk shake
i know! the food is supposed to be humorously disgusting!
i think in the book the santa fe chicken is raw
me: ha. THATS why vinegar hill house picked it. they just want the chance to make their salted chicken on new years. they are so obsessed with that dish

What do you think? Are you won over? Yay or Nay? Seems strange that they picked American Psycho of all the possible literary themed dinner parties there are to throw out there. One of the waiters must be a real fan-atic.

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  1. Yes. Interesting choice. It's funny because the men I see at Vinegar Hill House could be seen as the Patrick Bate-men of today. I mean, wall street guys these days don't care about their clothes and electronics, or even, what color and font their business cards are... do they? Leave that to the hipsters!
    But seriously, I don't see the appeal of partying with psychos. What ever happened good old Gastby?