Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In one scene in Howards End, the young intellectual, Margaret, is taken out to a fancy lunch by the more modern Mr. Wilcox, to a fashionably traditional place. She tells him, "next shall come to lunch with me at Mr. Eustace Miles'."

I looked him up and found out he was an early 20th century Michael Pollan in the flesh. An athlete turned food writer turned restaurateur, Eustace Miles advocated what he called the "Fleshless Foods" for people who were nonetheless "fond of the their meals." Arguing for "The Simpler Diet," he had found that cutting meat, fish, and eggs (though cheese, for protein, was alright), and stimulants (alcohol and tea) out of his diet, he had lost weight, gained energy and focus, and increased his personal morality. Segments of his book, "Muscle, brain, and diet: a plea for simpler foods," are available on google books. When you reach the simpler food cookbook he kindly includes, you might mistake him for Alice Waters. Here is a recipe of his for Mushroom Toast that was an example of ways in which he claimed to early vegetarians that we need not sacrifice taste for morality:

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  1. I love this! And I definitely need those mushroom toasts in my life. Great post! xx